Even if public security is quite good, it’s still worth improving. The introduction of our system is a simple but significant – perhaps life saving – step, leading to a higher level of public security.

There’s no need for new organizations, extra infrastructure or new resources, only for a single decision.

Help with
a single move

Help with
a single move

What can you do if feeling threatened?

Call someone?

What if there’s no time?

Shout for help?

Will someone surely hear it?

Run away?

Can you?

We are working to give those in distress a quick and easy way to ask for help in critical situations. It’s much easier than a phone call. In such cases, speed is critical.

In critical situations

Ask for help without making a phone call

Immediate reponse

Immediate help

Various alarm modes with a single move

Raise the alarm with the slide button

In case of an emergency, raise the alarm by sliding the button.

Raise the alarm with the power button

Press your phone’s power button four times within two seconds.

Raise the alarm with the earphones

Unplug your earphone’s jack to raise the alarm even when your phone is out of reach, for example, when exercising.

Raise the alarm with the panic button

You can also raise the alarm by pressing the panic button. The mobile may be away from the button, as long as they are in range to communicate via Bluetooth.

We have developed and have been operating for many years the Security in your hands system in cooperation with the Pécs Police Department.

More than 50.000 users
Saved lives
No false alarms

Take the first step, tell us your phone number and our colleague will call you within 24 hours!